Why buy Elevators?

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This is another one I get asked a lot –“why spend cash on (expensive) lifts when I can buy cheap lifts and stick them into my footwear” In fact it is exactly what I myself thought for decades, until I actually discovered elevators that looked just like boots and shoes, things I would ACTUALLY wear. Here is my story for my transition from lifts into elevators boots. And then a few pointers.

I got into needing to be taller once I saw 3 huge blokes who appeared to take control of a friend’s nightclub I helped run when I was in my late teens and work in the nightclub industry . Without thought I began incorporating lifts to my boots to compete and get at least a little manner for their height (at first rolled up socks and cardboard — aaargh, quite uncomfortable, especially when it all slipped to the side). It felt good though, including that additional inch approximately.


As the years went by, I had always hoped to find elevators: of course I’d heard of them. I finessed my elevator. However, all I saw on the internet of elevators a decade or so ago was garbage. Like only in sizes that are very smallish, and actual old quite stuff. So I put the entire idea. Not one of them would like right with the styles of jeans at the time. Additionally, I would look at the day-to-day stuff you get at the various boot and shoe stores or see guys wearing and think”I want that” or something similar, not some crap searching olde worlde shoe. And then along came the authentic new trend for very flared trousers and I had been in height heaven for a couple years — I exercised that you purchase your boots bigger, plenty of space and stuff them full — by now I’d gone on to proper lift kits. The sleeves made it really simple to purchase big boots, the flares lengthy and draped over the boot…and inside was only total height including paradise — I understand I managed to get over the Regulation Max 3″ at that moment.

As styles do but then flares moved out all a sudden. And here is your issue. With lifts you can comfortably add a few inches. 3″ is so far pushing it I would never advise unless the design matches it (such as my cover-all moves at the time). And they are nevertheless uncomfortable and you need to finesse the size of your shoe (considering the consideration the upper along with its pressure on your foot — it can be quite painful). And not suitable for what you might need to wear seen the clumpy footwear worn carpet occasions? OMG. Great thick Munster boots with matches. You can not add height by lift boots.