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This post I want to chat about what is for me a historic new accession to the GuidoMaggi range that makes it feasible for the first time to get over 4″ (a whole 4.3″ which is 11cm) of height into right up-to-the-minute sneakers (or trainers as we call them in the UK). I am getting a pair, I just just ordered them so don’t have them yet, but I will allow you to know my experiences once I do.
For me this is definitely the most important development within my footwear for several years, actually since I hooked onto lifts five/six ages back. And let me tell you .
Sneakers are almost’mandatory’!
I run club and party nights as a livelihood and sneakers are pretty standard wear. In fact at times (such as when I run summer nights and celebrations at a regular trip to a very hot state ), sneakers are almost obligatory. And one thing that I ALWAYS needed was to have the ability to choose from a range of great FASHIONABLE shoes and include mega height without pushing as much elevator into regular brands as possible.
Ultra trendy
And BANG. Along have come the Giant range of superb 90s-influenced now ultra-fashionable chunky sneakers. 13 at the range, lucky for me personally.
I liked a number of the other earlier ones but those in the Chunky scope are just 100% tailor designed for my kind of style and look — and they include sufficient elevation for me to make it a good investment.
When you look at the way the chunky or large or ugly sneaker came back, it was rather fast for men — Balenciaga and many others threw them down the runway and everyone wanted them. Those minimalist shoes of not so long past are fine but there is beauty in the big beasts. The trend is here for a while and so this has been the first time I can say shoes and elevators and style have meshed perfectly for me.


I have an intuition when it comes to things like sneakers and I suspect most folks into them and who swear by them because the very best footwear share this gut feel as to whether something is appropriate or not. And these feel just perfect.
For me, the knack with incorporating lifts to sneakers is that the styling is simply so important — shoes are a fashion fad and major statement from the wearer (whether that is acknowledged or not) using so many subdivisions and worship of branding: sneakers with height inclusion have to take this into consideration big time. In other areas of footwear it is more varied and less brand driven.
The most amazing thing about these generally is that in the event that you look at many on the market they look like they add height anyway — what better method of disguising 4.3″ (11cm) of added height?