Tall guys wearing Elevators! There are more than you think

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I give you every week tips on the best way best to wear elevators, how to make certain nobody sees, what you may or might not be able to get away with, and everything can occur in the circumstances you may fear etc.. This bit is for the guys among you who add elevation — there are LOADS of you and I understand. Knowing that I myself fit in this category, some guys have written asking essentially”Why?” . Where I’m coming from, but men that are tall know. Over time I have written stuff on websites about adding height successfully (having done it now myself for 16 years). The thing which has in some ways amazed me is that over half the men who request advice are 6′ or over. Fundamentally 183cm or more. I have laid out the truth that I’m already tall and like being taller. Nonetheless, it is still interesting and unexpected. 1 guy who’s 6’5″ wanted advice about the best way to add a couple of inches (or more!) . I have a fantastic friend who’s 5’9″ and wears elevator casual shoes and we speak frankly and I watch his progress and experiences. What seems good and does not etc.. However, I myself am 190cm, roughly 6’2.5″ and also have additional loads of height over the years culminating in finally buying elevators a couple of years back when I understood that, at last, good and trendy ones existed.
Why is height added by lots of men that are tall? The reason for this is really because almost all men like being taller than they are, men that are even tall and if they find a guy around who is taller, and there’s no’magical’ or’gold’ height that fits all. “Wow that guy is taller than you,” stated by a girlfriend or partner is more than a moderate motivation to believe”Hmm I wish I had been an inch or two taller”. To indicate that there is some magical height acceptable for everybody is like trying to average out all sports then come up with the simple fact that the”ideal sport” for everybody is subject hockey or water polo. And anyone who disagrees being’an idiot’. Some guys who are 5’4″ are really good with it, some who are 6’4′ wanna be taller. Men are not standard bits of jigsaws which can be banged into position to reflect desires or our own perspectives. We are all distinct. But normally men like the sense of being taller. “Being taller” simply feels good. An experience you receive when you try in your own lifts or experimentation with lifts for the very first time. Let us be honest, if you were to provide any single man a cast iron guarantee he could incorporate 4″ (10cm) to his height and nobody would ever notice, I know of very few guys who wouldn’t take up the chance. Of any men height boots . I myself know this because once I put in height it is the tall men are people who are most aware and who remark, and usually pretty competitively — and I very occasionally acquire cards-on-the-table frank comments from men well over 6′ such as”I understand I am tall but you’re taller, it looks really cool and that extra couple of inches are sweet”.