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This New Shoe Brand Has Different Shades of Nude Heels

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In the ambitious plan of life, there are many problems more difficult to find than perfect shoes. Particularly disturbing / painful / eye roll-inducing, however, when standing in your way the factors are about the color, especially the various nudes. After all, a method is not suitable for all nudes, but for some reason most fashion industry insists on it. But gradually, there is little victory to redefine what the shade means. Kristi Lubuto expanded its range of colors at the time of high heels and apartments, the Cobra, the Ethical Underwear brand, launched seven color bras and underwear, and now UK shoe brand named Kahmune (pronounced as “Commune”) is tossed hats Of the ring.

Like most inventions, Kahmune established the Jamela Acheampong necessity. “I’m searching for items that match my dark complexion, but I’ve always encountered the same beige, cream, and brown sunglasses,” said the founder. “It is openly stated that the” nude “type.” Inspired by her father’s suggestion that all stars evolve as a business concept to solve a certain kind of problem after she was busy, the brand was born.

“From the beginning, it was an option for all women,” explains Ghanaian-American. “The concept of diversity, and more importantly, inclusiveness, is still a big issue in the beauty and fashion industry. The motivation is to provide nude tones for darker tones, but I think it is important to ensure all skin tones.”

Kahmune shoes

The collection currently offers 10 different colors from deep to fair. Landing at each particular mix is ​​a challenge Acheampong is happy. “It took me hours to study the color of the world,” she said. “In 10 colors is not easy feat-I do not think people have realized the diversity found in the amount of skin pigmentation .I found some brands doing five to eight colors, but I do not think it is enough.”

Each color is named after a city (such as South Sudan Juba and Nigerian Enugu) and easily displayed on her website with corresponding base tones, and shoppers can learn their closest match. , Just as cosmetic companies talk about color in a reliable way, Acheampong devotes time to think about individuals entering her blended colors. “Goa and Bogotá, for example, may look the same at first glance, but Bogota has more red color, and Rio Tinto and Gaborone are the same,” she noted.

Kahmune shoes

“It is important that diversity is important. Continuing with Acheampong inclusion is important.” “The greater significance behind the identification of labels is important in certain shades of” nude “a particular color or only offering” nude “items. Does this mean something that is ignored because they do not deserve to be recognized? Not beautiful? “She said thoughtfully. “I’m tired of women being told they need to fit in a certain box or a certain color.Many women are labeled too shallow or too dark.I personally do not share that stereotype.” We can not agree more.