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Mizuno running shoes for fast runners

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It may be too light for her liking, but Mizuno running shoes will make fast runners go even faster, writes Syida Lizta Amirul Ihsan


Mizuno brand website, there is a part dedicated to Mizuno Nongchao 20, record its evolution of beach-goers 1 to 20, you can intuitively witness how shoes changed for more than 20 years.

It began to weigh 365 g (now weighing 272 g), according to the site, it “paved the way for its offspring, insisting on the principle of beach – goers development strategy is what you need, nothing more.

Each edition, shoe is improved. Nongchao 6, for example, has a plastic wave designed to replace the soft composite material, resulting in a smooth heel strike.

Its latest version offers the perfect buffering and energy dispersal, so that the feet move the natural movement.


Alas, I am not a legendary runner, nor am I suited for light shoes with an even lighter cushioning. Here’s the deal – if your shoes are light, you move faster, and time-sensitive runners like this because you can shave off minutes from your race.

Runners like me, whose aim of entering a race is to finish the course, need more support, cushioning and stability, all of which will add bulk to the weight of the shoe.

The description says that it is “perfect for neutral foot types who don’t need as much support” because the wave plate disperses the impact forces evenly throughout the midsole and keeps the foot centred on the shoe’s platform.

For me, the sole is too thin to run comfortably, especially for distances exceeding 5km. That is not saying that the shoe is not good. I think my legs aren’t strong enough to run in something so free and unsupported.

I also find the heel grip too tight so my feet feel uncomfortable. But maybe, my feet are too fleshy that it doesn’t rightly grip for a good long run.
But if you weigh on the lighter side and are looking for something to make you fly, this may be it.


My assumption is confirmed when I request fast runner Mohamad Ezzfikri Mohamad Ezri, 20, to try the men’s version of the shoes. The law undergraduate hopes to complete his first marathon in May in under four hours.

“When I begin warming up at the pace of 6:30 per km, it feels sluggish and unresponsive. It feels like the shoes have zero cushioning and there’s no shock absorbtion so the experience isn’t that pleasant,” he says.

“But when I run at my marathon pace which is 5:25 per km, the Mizuno Wave Rider 20 delivers an ultimately different sensation. It propels me further and makes me run faster,” he adds.
He agrees that this may be the perfect shoes for fast runners and he hopes to try it for his interval training.

“It’ll work even better at a faster pace,” he says.

He also likes the premium feel of the shoe. “The pair feels good on my feet and I really like the gingko print. Aesthetically, this is a cool pair of shoes to run in,” he adds.