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The High-Tech, Low-Key Running Shoe for Dudes Who Don’t Run

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If you are looking for reasons Adidas is the leading discussion of sportswear culture, there is a place where: lifestyle runs. Get a better idea, to be exact, that means that you need to look at us here.

It’s not just about Kanye…

The brand began to take over in Kanye West from Nike to jump to three stripes but the change was more extensive than Kanye’s influence. Basically, what happened was that Adidas was able to own the entire space of the technology to run shoes also enviable style and social space. You can blame the super-stimulus or NMD building for this success, but Adidas’s original announcement today is another chapter: Inichi running.

running shoes

…Or technical Adidas running shoes

When Adidas introduced the NMD, it was billed as a shoe that combined three archive runners (the Micropacer, Boston Super, and Rising Star) into a new silhouette, but the brand was adamant that it wasn’t a running shoe. The newer EQT models, specifically the 93/17, blend a silhouette that’s 24 years old with brand-new technology for an equally lifestyle-friendly feel. The Iniki, on the other hand, does something slightly—but crucially—different.

An ultra-modern sneaker disguised as a retro runner

Although Adidas doesn’t claim a specific silhouette as the inspiration for the Iniki, any retro runner enthusiast will recognize the upper immediately. It’s not a specific sneaker, but it has all the hallmarks of the first generation of runners like Nike’s Tailwind and Adidas’ TRAX. Blended into that design is a stretch mesh upper with hits of suede and a shiny mesh tongue.

These are the same materials that composed running sneakers in the ’70s and ’80s, but Adidas is using more advanced versions so the Iniki responds like a modern shoe. That very OG look sits on top of a similarly OG single-unit sole. But instead of hard and crumbly EVA, Adidas has used a full-length exposed Boost midsole (very contemporary) and a gum outsole (very retro).

Why you’re going to want a pair

Anyone who loves that retro sneaker aesthetic but needs a shoe that won’t fall apart or hurt after a couple miles walking around the city will be thrilled with the Iniki Runner. It has all the composite parts and aesthetic nods to the past, but everything is brand new.


It’s important to point out that Adidas doesn’t claim this to be a technical running sneaker beyond the name. It’s coming from Adidas Originals, a family of products under the Adidas umbrella that takes care of street style and most influencer collaborations. The running program at Adidas is a separate entity, offering the Ultra Boost and other shoes designed to be run in. But, much like wearing Ultra Boosts to brunch instead of the gym, we doubt anyone will bat an eye if you take the Iniki onto the treadmill.