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Adidas Debuting Exclusive $333 3D Printed Running Shoes

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Adidas announced Monday that it will be available for the first time to buy a limited edition release this week. 3 d runners can be confirmed through Adidas in New York at $ 333 with registration starting December 12, scheduled for December 13. Shoes can be found on December 15 at Adidas New York, the brand’s new flagship store. (A limited number of shoes will also appear on December 15 in London and Tokyo).

3 d Adidas running shoes is characterized by the design of three-dimensional network structure of dense areas of high-power areas, in areas of low-density lower areas, allowing the optimal level of performance. It also includes a 3-d printing and countertop, integrated into the midsole and avoiding the typical process of gluing or stitching. Adidas says the benefits include greater flexibility, compliance and support. The shoes, which have been designed on black knit styles, are suitable and superior in performance, the brand said.

“This is just the beginning,” said Peveto, senior director of Adidas’ future team, in a press release. “Individual-based” creation of custom shoe-like running styles, foot shapes, performance requirements and personal options Industry-leading Polaris and Adidas with cutting-edge innovation. ”

Adidas announced August 3 d running when the highest athletes-including the British team heptathlete Jessica Ennis-Hill, US swimmer Ellison Schmidt and Columbia BMX bike Mariana Pajon-were geniuses.

This is the new balance of high heels sales of 44 pairs of 400 US dollars running shoes is the first 3 d to print its last year in April soles mezzanine. The new balance Santi Santos produces, sells from the new balance of experience stored in the Boston Marathon in the weekend, is the first available consumer. (The brand sold 44 pairs of new balance owners and chairman Jim Davis bought 44 years ago.)