A lot of friends like to have their shoes sun up there. In fact, the sun’s color is very destructive.

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Many friends cool their shoes just like to go there in the sun. In fact, the sun’s color is very destructive. If you are exposed to the sun for a few days, the color of the shoes may change a little, they may become lighter, and the white mens sports shoes may also be exposed to the sun until they turn yellow. And the insolation is also very harmful to the upper materials of sports shoes. If the shoes are made of PU leather, they may become brittle, and the mesh surface may not be so strong and tough. Suggestion: after washing the drained shoes, they should be put in a cool and ventilated place to let the air flow away and make the shoes dry. The advantage of this is that the shoes will not harden after drying. It will not cause too much damage to the material of the sports upper. And will not cause discoloration or discoloration trouble. Generally, you can put it on the balcony in your home. The balcony facing south should be kept away from the sun when it is in direct sunlight.
better head down When we hang shoes, we usually hang them head down. The advantage of this is that the water absorbed by the sneakers will flow out of the toe under the action of gravity. If it’s laid flat, it’s equivalent to water flowing to the sole, which is often impermeable. Is it OK if the tail is down? The answer, of course, is yes. The truth is the same. Suggestion: when we dry our shoes, we try not to square them on the ground. We can lean against the wall with the head down and the tail up. This will not only help dry out, but also better protect the material of elevator sneakers shoes. If you want to hang it up to dry, you’d better put your head down and hold your tail.
it’s better to dry the laces and insoles separately Many people are very lazy when they wash shoes. Shiqu Jun is almost like this. I don’t think it’s necessary to clean the laces. Actually, it’s because it’s too hard to clean the laces. But when it comes to this, let’s talk about it together. When cleaning shoes, usually untie the laces, take out the insoles and clean them separately. There is no better way to clean shoelaces. It’s better to soak them in washing liquid. If it’s white shoelaces, even take disinfectant to soak them. After soaking, brush gently with a brush until the stain is clean. Suggestion: after cleaning the shoes, don’t turn the tongue over, just hang them in the sun. In other words, it is easy to deform and cause uneven drying. And there will be creases after drying. Then, the inner part is propped up with shoes, which can better protect the sneakers. On the basis of these, let’s see how to raise and work fastest.