Stylish ShoeCover by Grace Carter

7 Stylish Ways to Protect Your Shoes and Feet in the Rain

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Most people are worried about going out on rainy days? Especially some office workers, because if the shoes and feet are soaked in the rain is easy to get sick or uncomfortable, here are seven fashionable ways to protect your shoes and feet in the rain.

1. GoGoGolosh


It seems that we have two options in the rain when the shoes are ugly. We can destroy our good shoes or give away fashion and utility. The first option is expensive and the other, usually rubber boots, does not flatter elaborate.

Mars rubber overshoes have solved this problem because they think it is time to have a stylish selection of harsh weather footwear. Made of 100% waterproof nylon, rubber soles slip-resistant pedals and bullet-proof insole, so your shoes do not heel through the outsole puncture, Mars rubber overshoes high heels, flat shoes or sneakers, but they adapt to a variety of high heels and toes shape.



You may be familiar with SWIMS for their galoshes designed specifically for men. They also have women super cute water-resistant casual shoes, ladies in the rainy days can wear very chic.

SWIMS was founded in Oslo, Norway in 2006 and breathed new life into the galosh of decades ago that were dated and, let’s just say it, sort of dorky. They started off with the simple idea of transforming the galosh, a purely practical utility product to a classy and branded lifestyle item with a bold personality.  Therefore it makes sense that they would introduce a pair of waterproof loafers for women that don’t even look like rain shoes.

3. Stylish ShoeCover by Grace Carter

Stylish ShoeCover by Grace Carter

Fashion ShoeCover Grace Carter is a viable solution worth considering. Not only these shoe covers protect the high heels from the rain is still snow. The better thing is that the elastic fabric with super-traction-tread can be decompressed, folded, and stored in your stick.

These stylish ShoeCovers with Mars rubber overshoes are not popular, offering three different styles, high heels pointed toes and high heell round toe high heels. However, if you are looking for an apartment for shoe covers, you can get them here.

4. UUStar Foldable Rainboots

UUStar Foldable Rainboots
This may not be the most elegant shoes, these reusable rainboots UUStar is perfect in an emergency. You’re trapped in Wade through heavy rain. You are not wearing waterproof shoes and find yourself seriously considering putting the plastic bag in your shoes. You will not be the first. These collapsible rainboots are definitely a better choice. You can fold them up and get them in your bag.

5. Winko Reusable Rain Covers for Heels

Winko Reusable Rain Covers for Heels

If you are looking for something to cover your heels in the rain that easily fold in your purse and is one step up than the crude plastic bag solution, Winko makes high performace waterproof PVC fabric and thicken Nonslip Rubber Bottom rain covers.  They are transparent, easy to put on and take off and have elasticity around the ankles to they can be adjusted.

6. Aquatalia


Perhaps not the cheapest alternative, Aquatalia offers the finest combination of fashion, comfort and technology available in footwear.   While Aquatalia is well known for their stylish winter boots, all their shoes are actually waterproof and stain resistant.  Aquatalia is  a line of luxury footwear that is also credited as the very first weatherproof and stain resistant fashion footwear.

Functional Luxury best defines Aquatalia’s innovative designs.  Kate Middleton even wear thems. While trends are always a factor, the guiding elements behind every style are ease, functionality and meticulous Italian craftsmanship.

7. Totes


When you think Totes you probably think umbrellas.  But did you know that the company offers a wider range of rain wear products, including shoes.  If you are interested in shoe covers for the rain and don’t want to spend a fortune either.  Totes make these super sweet ballerina flats that are totally portable.  They’re lightweight, flexible and comfortable so you can wear them all day long while also being foldable and packable if you prefer not to.  The 100% waterproof with a high natural rubber content that fits like a glove and stretches with the foot.  Perfect for casual rainy days.

Don’t forget waterproof spray

Don’t forget that there is always a waterproof spray in your favorite shoes, you can use a special style of suede do. The spray must not allow them to be completely waterproof or give them the ability to keep the pits dry, but they will protect them from soiling and minor damage.