2020 elevator shoe series will be pure energy, footwear from nature

Elevator shoes
Emanuele Briganti, CEO of This New, talks about the Fashions for Another season:”Footwear Motivated by nature in a Brand New and Tasteful Experience between fine craftsmanship and Italian Layout” Pure energy. And this time also, the manufacturer has hit the mark with a unique collection that will dazzle with a very grandeur supplied by valuable craftsmanship and the best of contemporary design. A collection, inspired by freedom and creativity, freedom to move in your own elegance and personal fashion. “it’ll be an eclectic and contemporary collection and every creation speaks of this assembly between the designer and the newest ” states Briganti. “Elevator shoes created in types of beauty, representing real and dazzling features of character which brightens and boost our lives”. The emotion that’s provided by a product’s excellence, quality and traditional workmanship, is a present that we can and have to devote to ourselves in order to feel pampered and boost our confidence. Shoes which are not just straightforward shoes but masterpieces of craftsmanship, defined.
The new GuidoMaggi collection will reveal liberty and contemporaneity with versions which are a selection that each modern guy needs to have in his apparel; from shoes to dress shoes, from Chelsea boots to loafers, slip-ons and sandals, GuidoMaggi sneakers are motivated from the colors and components of character. GuidoMaggi will present a variety of models dedicated to all men who adore and love being admired while wanting to be dressed in the trendiest fashion colors, such as the classic blue Pantone color, beige, burgundy or the timeless black and white combination. Elevator shoes with a casual-chic and urban soul, that give you freedom and allow you to experience Italian artisan tradition. As GuidoMaggi’s CEO Emanuele Briganti recalls:”Contemporary but with a vintage spirit, authentic luxury is made of savoir faire having an ancient and timeless taste, but also of experimentation and the ability to transform it into a fascinating tale of this third century”. Trendy and fashionable, this collection’s shoes will allow you to raise height in relaxation. These lift shoes will represent the best of craftsmanship, brightening every ensemble from classic to casual and dominating the contemporary man’s apparel. Everyone deserves the luxury of true fashion and to wear shoes designed to feel confident and unique.